Memorial Day 2024

On May 27, 2024, the Mound church held its Memorial Day service.  While the crowd was down a little from previous years, a large group still turned out to honor those who gave their lives for their country. The service opened with a reminder of what Memorial Day is: a memorial for those who died… Continue reading Memorial Day 2024

Repairing the Envelope!

Building a Firm Foundation Friends of the church have donated a significant amount of money needed to fund necessary repairs.  This will not be a fancy renovation, but we are now able to preserve the key parts of the building’s envelope: roof, siding, and foundation.  We plan some interior repairs as well.  And a group… Continue reading Repairing the Envelope!

Heading in a New Direction

On August 21, around 30 people attended the community meeting at the Lyle Presbyterian Church (Mound Church). Topics discussed included the current condition of the building, community comment, options and costs for renovation, and the direction the church should take. Other topics included funding and grants already pursued. The sanctuary was built in 1914 and… Continue reading Heading in a New Direction

Decisions to be Made

Changes Coming The Lyle Presbyterian Church has been a congregation in southwestern North Dakota since 1912. In 1914, they made a tangible investment into their future by building the current church sanctuary. In 1923, they took another leap when they used horses to drag down the Banfield house to form the current kitchen and dining… Continue reading Decisions to be Made

The End of an Era

The Mound Church lost Ann Bergquist on October 30. She was pianist at the church for 54 years, and a member of the church for her entire life.  She will be remembered for her welcoming smile and easy conversation.  Thank you to the  Bowman Lutheran Church for hosting her funeral. So many wanted to remember… Continue reading The End of an Era

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