Repairing the Envelope!

Building a Firm Foundation

Friends of the church have donated a significant amount of money needed to fund necessary repairs.  This will not be a fancy renovation, but we are now able to preserve the key parts of the building’s envelope: roof, siding, and foundation.  We plan some interior repairs as well.  And a group in the community have volunteered money and time to repair the cross on the front of the church. So far, work is completed on the foundation and roof. The siding and interior work are not yet complete.

As of this writing, the church has repaired the foundation.  The hard work of a number of people involved digging around the entire foundation of the church, placing forms and rebar, and removing the concrete steps.  Workers included members of the church, friends of the church, and visitors to the area who saw the work being done and wanted to help.


Tying Rebar
Working with Forms
Old Steps
Condition of steps
Steps going…
Machines make quick work!

A New Roof

The roof on the church was more “exciting” than planned.  The original wooden shakes remained on the west side of the sanctuary, though the east side had a metal roof installed previously.  The addition had asphalt shingles, but water was coming in at various locations, especially around the chimney and at the seam between the addition and the sanctuary.  We decided a new steel roof was needed.

Before the new steel roof could be installed, we first needed to remove the two existing chimneys.  They were in extremely poor condition.  We were surprised by how easily they came apart.  In the sanctuary, there was a significant amount of chimney rising from the ceiling to the roof which had to be removed.  We took it out by bucket from the roof to a loaned telehandler.  The bricks are in a pile right now, but we are looking for ideas on how they could be used…or if anyone wants them.

We have needed to replace our current heating system as a result of the roof work.  Winter services were held in the addition with the aid of space heaters.  We hope to be more comfortable  soon with our new heating system.

The new steel roof included a section of siding that illustrated just how this church will look when the work is done.


Posted by Lyle Presbyterian Church – Mound Church on Sunday, April 7, 2024