The Lyle Presbyterian Church is known locally as the Mound Church because of its location in Mound township. We are a Presbyterian church (USA) and part of the Presbytery of the Northern Plains.  We are a very welcoming, friendly congregation, and fellowship after the service is a vital part of our weekly service.

We are a rural congregation. Historically, our congregation has been made up mostly of local ranchers. But we welcome anyone! We are located quite some distance from the nearest paved road in beautiful Mound Township. 

Pastor Terry Bagley speaks weekly at the church. A dedicated congregation continues to come week after week and keeps the church open. We are informal and welcoming, and we enjoy guests and new friends!

After each service we gather for coffee and a pot-luck lunch. This time together allows us to grow as a church family. We never know exactly what will be at the pot-luck, but the conversation ranges from religion to local history to the latest high school game, and sometimes surprising discussions on diverse topics like soil conservation and trips up the Amazon River. You never know what we’ll talk about!

This is a church with no running water, so the supply of food and drink must come from home. But we do it every week because we love getting together.

The congregation has been here since 1912, and our historic sanctuary dates from 1914. Join us and help us as we grow and build on our legacy in the twenty-first century!

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